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!URGENT Decklink Duo problem

Ilya Tsoualdze

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Hi, all


We have a good workink display PC and have just installed a Decklink dou card in to it

The card itself work perfectly - both inputs are active and work with blackmagic software.


Watchout display software gives 2 options for each input WDM capture and decklink capture


But none of them works


we've checked all the setting in both Display and production software

Everything is set to the same 1080i50


Inputs are assigned in the Display software...


But finaly it shows just nothing.


Would appreciate any piece of advice - have only 2 dey before the show

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in the Display, Video in should be "Decklink Video Capture" & "Decklink Video Capture (2)".

then in the Production Live input, signal input is SDI, and try to set the Video Standard to 1080i25 (not 50!)

I have same experience before. in BM Media Express, setting is 1080i50, but nothing shows up.


and make sure you set the correct input device.



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+1 for morgans tip.


Also try opening mediaExpress and getting it to work with the settings in media express under the capture tab, then exit back out to watchout. For whatever reason with that specific card, I've had to first make it work once in media express.



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Hi members, 


I'm exploring to build a system with Dataton Watchout with other sub component like scaler switcher / matrix router without using layering live event blending switcher like Barco Encore / Christie Spyder / Analogway Ascnder to create a multi blend screen display. 


I understand Without can do but only the live camera (IMAG) input that bordering me which i'm also aware of these are totally 2 different discipline. For any live PPT inputs we intend to rely on any scaler switcher to handle it & feed it into WO capture card. 


What actually we exploring how visible live camera delay with proper configuration & setting between the cain from camera -> vision mixer -> WO capture card -> display projectors. 


Possible any members to share with us your experience to minimize Live video latency. 

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Hi all I know that this is quite a late answer but I have found that if you have a 1080i50 signal and you get a black rectangle in watch out, sometimes 1080p25 setting in watch out production works well. Basically the same signal but the black magic driver seems to then wake up and pass video through.


On another note I have some clients that are struggling with the latest BM driver 10.4.2 for SDI capture on intensity cards. Has anybody else had this problem and can you suggest a driver version that works?

I will also take this up with black magic but I thought I would just check here first.




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Sorry another thing about latency, I have found that if it is possible to not use any deinterlacing in watchout and also to uncheck frame blending in the media cue for live inputs can help make the picture crisper and a little quicker.





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Hi Forum,to 

I am testing the budget Decklink Express SDI HDMI card and got it work after using the elusive 25i setting.

Having small latency issues with this capture but happy with the quality. Will look at lowering capture quality to ease latency.

Any tips on what else to change much appreciated.



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