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Watchout 6.4.1 bugs

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I’ve been use Watchout software ca. 8 years ago in theatre. 

This is the actual configuration:

Production : Asus ROG Strix Scar II (RTX2060) w. Win10 Enterprise, Watchout 6.4.1

Display computers in network:

1, Watchmax (2 display outputs use) 

2, Watchpax2 (1 display output use)

3, Watchout Display Computer (Asus X99, 16Gb RAM, Samsung 850 SSD, ATI FirePro 7100, win7 prof. )(2 display outputs use)

Gigabit Ethernet network, with 5GHz Zyxel WiFi AP for Production PC. (I usually  use wired network, I use wireless only for project creation.) 


In-use Errors in live mode:

- if I add new media file to project, I’ve got error messages and all Display computer in network was restart (images attached)

- copied Corner and Hue&Sat tween doesn’t work on virtual display, if I delete and add new tween was fine

- if I use corner, Hue&Sat, Contrast, RGB tween, and I delete Hue or RGB tween I’ve got error message and lose all oder tween from virtual display

- if I replace media on timeline don’t  see on display computer, only I do offline and online mode (and I’ve got error message, image attached)

- if I re-build show cache after this process restart all display computer on network


Described configuration it worked flawlessly with Watchout 5.5.2. 


Best regards,








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To be fair, Live Update and Virtual Displays did not exist in version 5.5.2, so they couldn't have worked flawlessly then.

That being said, It's quite possible that Live Update has not been tested when performing the intricate operations that you describe, and that this feature is still a bit rough around the edges. Therefore I can not, at this time, recommend having Live Update on continuously while working on the show, and only turning it on when you need to place things correctly on the stage, for example, in relation to real world objects.

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Dear Josef!

I mean that configuration worked flawlessly with Watchout 5.5.2 software naturally without live update mode...


And I need live update for color correction , saturation  and corner tween operation ... 

I have to see what I'm doing.

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Dear Molnarfzoltan,

I don't know for all your errors but when I see the "Runtime error; Unrecognized command: }" it often comes from the network, I guess because some packets where drops.

Maybe you can try without the wireless and see if you have less issue?



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Let me start with, I love using Live mode and I find it very stable while operating and running shows. 

However, there is a problem when bringing new content into a show file while Online and in Live mode. This has existed for several versions, this is a basic operation of Watchout I’m not sure how this slips past testing.

The work around is that if you go Offline before adding new content to the show file then go Online once it has been added, you avoid all the error messages and Display computers freaking out.  It’s hard to toggle LIVE mode on and off while programming, because it wants to re-cache ever time, so this is the most reasonable way to add content and use Live mode, which is a great feature of this program and it’s a problem if the recommendation is to not use it most of the time.

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Hi molnarfzoltan, I confirm that it is a bug in WATCHOUT,  it is in our database now, and we will fix it in the future version.

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I have a useful Addendum to the Live Update conversation.  I've found that while using version 6.5, if I already have a folder in the media window, I can drag new content into it while in Live Update with no issue.  Unfortunately, it does jump to a black loading screen while the content is updated to the Display and then the content comes back.  In previous versions, this loading screen wouldn't show if the Display software was in "No Logo" mode.

However, if I am working in Live Update and drag a folder into the Media Window with content in it, I'll get errors and the Display computer will drop out, needing to be reset by going Offline and Online again once or twice.

I really miss being able to load new content without the entire room knowing I'm doing an update.  I really hope this feature comes back in the next update.

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