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  1. Hi, I am sorry that you had crash with dynamic image. 1 Have you ever managed to make Dynamic Image Server work with image type. 2 Have you put correct relative "path" in the media setting. Otherwise could you send us the screenshot of your Dynamic Image media setting window.
  2. Hi, TedCharlesBrown, did you use HX in NDI when you had this issue?
  3. Hi molnarfzoltan, I confirm that it is a bug in WATCHOUT, it is in our database now, and we will fix it in the future version.
  4. Unfortunately, it is still not possible.
  5. MP4 file follows that mov file format (it is subset of mov). if you have a mov file parser application, it can parse both mp4 file and mov, and you could also check what has been changed after it is converted from mov file to mp4. I assume that encoded data should stay same after conversion.
  6. Clint, It it nice to hear that you have an alternative solution to this problem. and thanks for the information. It is very strange there is no package sent from WATCHOUT to camera at all. I thought a RTSP OPTIONS request should be able to be sent from WATCHOUT to Camera. And right now, I do not have any camera that can reproduce the problem, could you please give more details about brands and models that you tested, so that I have order some and test it. Thank you!! Wang
  7. Hi, Wireshark capture should be enough, please send me (wang@dataton.se) Wireshark capture data from both successful connection and the one that failed. Thank you very much. Wang
  8. Hi Cswartzlander, Could it possible for you to put a camera on a public IP, so that I can test with and figure out the reason why it happened? Wang
  9. Hi, Some questions about your problem, Did the same media file work with previous version of WO, or the version of windows 10 before you did the update? Did you install any third party playback software? Does the same media file work with any other open source playback software, like MPC-HC?
  10. Hi, Some time the RTSP application has their own extension of the standard that WO can not understand. You could try to restream the video through VLC with transcode disabled, and use WO to receive the stream from VLC. Or replace Axis web camera that should work WO.
  11. Darwin stream server or VLC Player, which are streaming server, are worthwhile to try. Use RTP or RTSP protocol. Then you can create a network video media to receive it.
  12. Hi would you please try to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package
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