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  1. Jim Testa

    Choppy Playback on ShowServer XHD R4

    Ryan, If the issue persists, contact us directly at [email protected] Please include the serial number of the server. Regarding the HAP files, on that server, you should be encoding using at least 4 chunks and as many as 8.
  2. Jim Testa

    HAP choppy playback

    You also want to make sure you are encoding with 'chuncks' greater than 1 to make the decoding more efficient. A setting of 4 is common but in your case 6 or 8 will be worth a try.
  3. Jim Testa

    WATCHOUT not seeing video capture

    We have also found that the BMD driver version is important. Try version 10.3. This version presently seems to be stable with WATCHOUT.
  4. Jim Testa

    Custom Backlit buttons panel

    Hi Alex, You might look at the Arturia BeatStep. We use it recently in a show booth to trigger Auxiliary Timelines and manipulate Tween values and it worked well.