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  1. Leonard

    Hardware to WatchOut

    It has been a while since 2015 we provided these mechinces, I expect that it's time to dust off the machine and have a check if all of fans inside the chassis work properly. Good airflow & air conditioning will definitely help on this. please feel free to contact me at [email protected] for further discuss.
  2. Leonard

    Watchpax 2 and HAP

    Hi Quin, I have similar setup with WATCHPAX 2 recently to run a 3840 x1200px HAP video (around 2mins, 9GB) , and I tried 4 chunks and no chunks, both are running smooth with WATHCPAX 2.
  3. Leonard

    New to watchout, very noob questions

    I think it was just a package that sync module come with the graphic cards likeNVIDIA QUADRO M4000 SYNC, QUADRO M5000 SYNC, QUADRO M6000 SYNC,, but physically there was 2 cards in the box. Leonard
  4. Leonard

    New to watchout, very noob questions

    You may need a Firepro grade graphic card with S400 sync module (or same grade of Nvidia) with framelock features in this case in order to get a perfect sync. Recently I have a show in order to feed 6 x HD signal for the main LED wall, and it works great wtih Firepro W9100 and S400. hope this help Leonard AVTHK
  5. You may lock up all of outputs of W7100 by managing EDID function under Fire pro Catalyst. The signal should not be jump or re-order afterward. S400 is very sensitive on the outputs EDID, please make sure the forth on is same with the others or simulate all EDID by the first output and clone it. Otherwise, they could not be synced. Leonard
  6. Thank you for sharing ATMOSPHERE. It looks great! btw, there is a new product coming up called WATCHNET which is powerful for custom control of WATCHOUT from different platform. (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Android tablets/phones and Windows Surface or Mac/Windows laptop) You may interest in it.
  7. Hi WOchan, What card model are you using now? Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]
  8. Leonard

    Datapath Input Freeze

    Hi Efe, What kind of Datapath capture card do you use?
  9. Leonard

    DMX Output with Enttec ODE or Kissbox?

    Thank you Adela, a good stuff. btw, now the problem between WATCHOUT & V3 KISSBOX DMX was solved. Firmware V5.1 update is needed. It can be found on kissbox.nl
  10. Leonard

    DMX Output with Enttec ODE or Kissbox?

    Please noted that only the DMX1TR - DMX-512 Transceiver Version 3 is not work with WATCHOUT at this moment. For the others V3 I/O control Like IO3CC or IO8CC..etc, they works well like version 2. by my test.
  11. Leonard

    Watchout 4.5.1 (Display) Window Minimizing

    Hi Joel, run msconfig, go startup tab, make sure all of the startup items was uncheck except WATCHOUT. Hope this help.
  12. Leonard

    DMX Output with Enttec ODE or Kissbox?

    Same experience here. The V3 KISSBOX doesn't work here.
  13. Leonard

    H264 problems

    same result with our machines. WATCHOUT 5.3.1. Well tweaked. Spec: M.B. ASUS Sabertooth Z77 Z77,DDR3,LGA 1155,USB3.0,SATA3 6Gb/s ATX M/B CPU Intel Core i7-3770 Ivy Bridge (3.4GHz, 8M Cache, LGA 1155) CPU BOX 盒裝 D. CARD Sapphire HD7970 OC w/HDMI+DVI+MiniDPx2 3GB GDDR5 Storage <SSD>Crucial M4 256GB CT256M4SSD1 2.5" SATA 3 6Gb/s (Solid State Drive, SSD) Chasis 4U 19" server chassis (industrial grade) OS Windows 7, Home Premium, 32-bit English Ram Corsair XMS3 CMX4GX3M1A1600C11 DDR3 1600MHz 4GB Ram POWER CORSAIR AX850W CMPSU-850AXUK 850W 80Plus Gold DVD Asus 24x DVD+/-RW writer C. CARD Decklink Intensity Pro Im wondering what kind of software you use to produce this kind of files. (even QT, Procoder, etc cannot read the info of the video files.) I have try another way to produce a 2330 x 1050 H264 file. produce a animation mov 50 fps by AE, convert it by adobe media encoder to H264 (.mp4) (why I use adobe media encoder because the size was limited at 2000 x 1xxx px in Procoder. this limitation may come from H264 Level issue). Then I got the same result with your .m4v file. It freezes at the first frame. To me, I prefer to use pre-spilt mpeg files for the playback.
  14. Leonard

    Sending rs232 commands from display computer

    Yes. you are right. And it works perfect via TCP/IP. I just want to give a test with KISSBOX RS4tr to see if it can convert TCP/IP command to RS232 generally. I may it in to control some lighting stuff in the future project. Anyway, thank you for your reply.
  15. Leonard

    Sending rs232 commands from display computer

    Hi Clint, I have encountered this problem with RS4TR in order to send out a rs232 command to panasonic projector ew6300. have you got the solutions finally?