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Best MIDI board for show control


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I use the akai mpk25. Lot's of rotary's and buttons. And room to make notes. Both pads, keyboard and rotary's have banks if it's not enough for your show, but you can always daisy chain multiple types of keyboards to increase the number of options as long as you can program the midi (start) address of them (otherwise you send the same notes from different keypads).

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I have all three Korg, Behringer and Akai.  My weapon of choice is the Behringer as the sliders are long and smooth so I can do manual fades easily.  The Korg is great because its really small if you prefer to trigger the timeline and let watchout do the fade via a tween.  the Akai is well built and has a nice 'feel' .

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Isn't that a question of your needs?

Not what's best?


Kontrol give you more possibilities, though.


There are two versions of KORG Nano:

Nano (old):        http://www.korg.de/fileadmin/_korg/_produkte/pc-tools/kr_nano/nanoBK.jpg

Nano Series2:   http://www.korg.com/nanoseries2




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I use the Korg nanoKONTROL2 to fire AUX timelines and adjust a few fades. Pros: It's affordable, runs via usb, gives light feedback to buttons when you push them, and doesn't require a special driver for the windows machines I have used it on. Cons: Cheapest quality sliders on the planet. They pretty much fall off the unit if you shake it too hard. So, for a push-button cue solution, it's great. For a fade solution, try something else.

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Why don't Dataton take it upon themselves to partner with one of the above mentioned midi control manufacturers and design a purpose built Watchout Control Desk, labeling them with the specific tweens that Watchout allows, and also giving us the end users a purpose built piece of hardware rather than shooting in the dark at all these music production hardware tools. If you can find a Midi Controller with a Joystick, horizontal slider, vertical slider, buttons with space for labeling  rotary nobs as well as whatever else would be ideal for Watchout, I'd happily buy it, but I get the feeling none of them offer us all the tools we need. Surely it would be beneficial for everyone concerned as well as a new form of revenue for Dataton.

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With that Nanokeys im getting "Buffer Overflows". the BCF is working fine.

I read ist something with the Chanel or something like that.  Do you have also Buffer overflows?


Also it would be nice to have a Programm, that show me all Midi Devices connected with the ID. Any Idea?


Since last week i try to use "Emulator", thats not easy...




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Thanks Friedrick i understand but my question was in which way ?? wifi ??


For iPad apps via WiFi, there is a third party Windows driver

that accepts the network signal and provides it to Windows as standard MIDI communications.

Any Windows compliant MIDI interface will do, WATCHOUT receives MIDI from standard Win OS services.

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