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  1. No, other than the obvious. i.e. The motherboard audio connections are unbalanced analog connections, typically at -10 dB. The external audio interfaces are usually balanced analog connections at +3 dB more common to professional environments, although those are usually switchable for either -10 dB or +3 dB output and can be used either balanced or unbalanced. The external interfaces also move the digital to analog conversion circuitry outside of the computer case, more isolated from the potential noise sources like the cpu, memory, etc.
  2. I believe all pictures / still images - png, psd or otherwise, are still forms of bitmaps. Because of the way WATCHOUT functions, all picture / still image formats - png, psd, jpg, tiff, .bmp, .pict, etc. etc. are equal during playback - regardless of original file size or type. Only thing that matters is the pixel count and color depth. This is because the still image is converted prior to playback, during file transfer (caching). The conversion result is stored on the HD in a proprietary WATCHOUT format for rapid transfer to the graphics card during playback. The orig
  3. Might help to clarify a bit. Is the random stutter occurring at the intersection of outputs? i.e at the seams If so, what you identify as stutter may be a result of small variations in synchronization of the outputs. Hardware contributes to this issue. Even a single multi-headed WATCHOUT Display computer may randomly exhibit such synch float. Seamless multi-channel displays are particularly unforgiving in this respect. The small variations are somewhat masked when using overlapped or mullioned projection or flat panels with mullions. AMD / ATi addresses this issu
  4. We have observed this behavior when starting watchpoint from the Startup items at power up. Mostly with v4, not sure if this applies to v5.1. watchpoint is in distress once the events you describe occur. the logo screen appears for a bit, then watchpoint "disappears", the watchpoint icon may not appear on the task bar, but as you note, it is still running hidden. Yes, you may be able to re-invoke full screen operation, via online or update from production, load command from IP control, or Alt-Tab, but watchpoint is still not running correctly. The appearance of the curso
  5. Is it possible - yes. You would need to write your own iPad application to do that, the hooks are in WATCHOUT 5 to support it. If you have not done so, go the App store and download the free utility Dataton WATCHOUT Remote to your iPad. Get WATCHOUT Remote working as a baseline. Then write a custom iOS web appliction for what you want or commission a custom app to a qualified iOS web app developer. If you can not find a qualified iOS web app developer, consider the company Dataton commissioned to create their custom iPad app for the Dataton WATCHOUT trade show bo
  6. WATCHOUT 5 can run on WIndows XP with partial functionality. That primarily refers to the ability to run display with multi-headed output cards. If you run WATCHOUT 5 Display as a single head output, XP is fine. Works OK for WATCHOUT 5 Production too. While we have got two outs to work in testing under WATCHOUT 5 and XP, the second output had anomalies (tears, scaled with black borders, etc.). May have been correctable, but how far do you chase those probelms with XP when Win7 is a quick, known to work, fix ?
  7. That is great! How versatile is the tool? i.e. can it also designate a channel pair (1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8) for a stereo .wav file? That is the most common request I see, one stereo pair for each video output in a four output single computer.
  8. While that is certainly true, that may be changing. Vizio is making a hard US advertising push during the holiday season for its 65-inch polarized consumer 3D 120Hz LCD (LED backlight) that works with polarized passive glasses. There is the rub. There is no unique standard to provide 3D source to display signals. WATCHOUT only supports discrete left eye / right eye outputs - 2 outputs for one 3D image. Primarily useful for projection, where two projectors are used to display 3D content. WATCHOUT does not offer the ability to combine the two discrete 1080p60 renderings i
  9. Out of curiousity, what is the refresh rate set in File - Preferences - General - Display Framerate ? The default is 60, if you have not tried it yet, try setting it to Custom fps: 30. WATCHOUT 5 User Guide - page 113
  10. WATCHOUT is not memory restricted, can't think of any situation where an out of memory condition is encountered. I believe the issue is movie decoders. Most Windows movie decoders remain 32 bit, including QuickTime. So until all those key components of Windows get upgraded to 64 bit, not sure what the benefit would be to WATCHOUT. And I beleive Microsft would disagee with the suggestion there is a 2 Gb limit in 32 bit: Memory Limits for Windows Releases
  11. Yes, a multi-channel wav file is the best way to achieve multi-channel audio output. No, there is no way to assign an audio file to a specific output channel in WATCHOUT, that is defined within the multi-channel wav file itself. The Microsoft WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE file format is capable of assigning a mono wav file to a specific output channel by manipulating the channel mask data, but, I have not seen any utility or sound program that provides this function. i.e. You would have to hack the wav file header data to achieve that. (in other words, it is not a very practical so
  12. Not exactly sure what that means, but there is no magic to the network. Only requirement is the iPhone and WATCHOUT Display computer must have addresses in the same sub-net so they can see and talk to each other. I have never tried using a WiFi connection point inside the display computer, I have always used a standalone WiFi connection point. At home, I use a WiFi access point (AP), which passes through to my WAN router for DHCP requests. That DHCP host is configured as described below. An access point is simpler than a router, it acts essentially as wireless connection
  13. First off, it does not look like the Quadro Plex 2200 D2 will work for multi-headed output with WATCHOUT. They appear to use SLI Mosaic Technology to provide 4 output, I do not think you can not do that with WATCHOUT. reference: WO5 - Multi output Since the nVidia system includes Genlock and G-Synch, you appear to understand the challenges of butting the outputs with 0 pixel separation. I listed some GPU options that address that concern in my comment about output synch in a thread titled: FirePro V5900 2GB
  14. Yes it does work with 4.3, you do not need to upgrade. Support for the iPhone app was added in v 4.3, so it works with that version and any newer version.
  15. jfk

    License Key

    WATCHOUT 5 is a family of three applications: WATCHOUT Production (watchmaker.exe or sometimes known as just watchmaker) WATCHOUT Display (watchpoint.exe or sometimes known as just watchpoint) WATCHOUT Dynamic Image Server (ImageServer.exe) All three are always installed when you run the WATCHOUT Installer. After an install, shortcuts should appear on the desktop for at least Prodcution and Display. WATCHOUT Production will function without a license with two exceptions: A license is needed to go online and transfer the production to the displays. A license is needed to export a movi
  16. Same link I embedded in my post, thanks for the confirmation
  17. Yes, i did try it, from my MacBook Pro i7 / OS X (10.6.8), Safari 5.1.1. Tried it again just now - worked as expected. However, it may be because I am signed in on Apple's web site using my Apple ID, you may not have access to it as a visitor.
  18. I am not sure what you are looking for, but if you want to downlaod the standalone installer for QuickTime 7.7.1 for Windows using your Mac, go here: QuickTime 7.7.1 for Windows
  19. The device you choose as a TouchScreen has more to do with the answer than anything else. Lots of customers use smartphones, tablet / pads, etc to just that. You need to clarify that, can't tell if you want the control on the network or not, sounds like you do want it on the network. WATCHOUT Remote will do all of what you ask, but maybe with a mouse event or two more. If you prefer a custom interface, WATCHOUT Remote is written in Java and is open source, so it makes a great jump start for any custom development. The Java develepment is about the same level
  20. Yes, there is a reason to use 32 bit, and no 64 bit would not be better. The reason is most movie decoders available today are 32 bit. Since key components remain 32 bit, WATCHOUT remains 32 bit as well. WATCHOUT is efficiently coded and is not memory constrained in any way. So while WATCHOUT will run in 64 bit, it is 32 bit native, and 64 bit offers absolutely no advantage as a result.
  21. Lawrence's comments about FirePro cards are valid for the FirePro V5900. The AMD / ATi FirePro GPU series become interesting higher up the model range. The v7800 (3), v7900 (4), v8750 (3), v8800 (4) or v9800 (6) when combined with the ATI FirePro S400 Synchronization Module option card. All those models provide both Eyefinity and enhanced synch support and as single card solutions, are compatible with WATCHOUT. Compared to any other offering, the compatible FirePro / s400 combination provides greatly enhanced synchronization of the outputs, even when it is just one multi-
  22. Show Sage offers a two day class at the main facility in Brighton, MI. Next scheduled watchout training is 07 and 08 December 2011.
  23. Of course that is correct. HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection aka High-Definition Copy(right) Protection) is data that comes from the video source (in this case the WATCHOUT display computer's graphics card). WATCHOUT does not generate HDCP and therefore it should not be an issue. Now if you were feeding a digital input signal that includes HDCP to a capture card to be displayed in WATCHOUT (Blu-Ray players or cable TV converter boxes are common exampes of digital signal sources that may pass HDCP data integrated with the copyright protected video content) the cap
  24. BTW Something like that is available today in WATCHOUT Remote. While the timeline is running, WATCHOUT Remote automatically generates a countdown to the next timeline pause.
  25. Had a chance to use these two new enhancements under fire last week in Show Sage's WATCHOUT trade show exhibit at LDI. BTW LDI awarded WATCHOUT 5.1 best new product release - Projection category. During the show, we ran a single screen / single Win 7, WATCHOUT 5.1 display computer - no production computer (cluster mode). We could have just as easily played back six output channels from one computer / one WATCHOUT License, with the same independent control of the outputs, in groups or standlaone. Or controlled a group of WATCHOUT Display computers in the same manner, stil
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