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  1. Nice work Floris. Thanks for this update! Keep up the good work!
  2. Hi there, Behaviour should be clarified if you go to top view ctrl shift T or perspective view. Personally I never experienced the feature to work unnatural and I also use c4d / ae etc.
  3. Who says mpeg doesn't allow for unusual frame sizes? The Adobe suite doesn't allow you to exceed 1920 width / height (or 2000) but for watchout, as long as you keep the "times 8 division" in mind, you're good to go.
  4. Also, why free run for a museum setup like that? Could work with loop in timeline which will solve this also? Apart from this, mpeg2 is the way to go.
  5. Did you get it working? Sounds like you're talking about capturing vga, not outputting it as Mike described? One rule applies when capturing live input: don't look at Watchout first!! Just check within the software of the capture card first (in this case I assume it's vision given the error message). Once it works in that software, it's not hard to get it to work in WO. Please note in v6, the chosen setting is not what you would think (RGB won't work whilst it did in v5, but ANY of the others do. Not sure if it works after the latest WO update though).
  6. Hi there. Any details on the display? Only one (type of) display? No edid management used? Are you able to try it with hardware edid? Thusfar, sounds odd to me.
  7. Yes of course, use separate tiers for both displays. You have to do this anyway to prevent the displays to blend with eachother. (Or did you mean something totally different?)
  8. Check the Pinned subjects about technical specs. Contains the tweaklist v2.1
  9. Nice one!! I'll give it a try soon!!
  10. In addition, linear key (using a white matte shape) is a good way to go, often producing better results than color keying, especially with soft edges in the content. (Just render out one normal version of the content and one alpha channel only, place the alpha channel output above the normal version in the timeline and use feature "masked by layer above".
  11. ;-). Thanks Hugo. I of course already directed him towards Toperators
  12. Hi folks, A connection of me is looking for two operators for a job in London. 1 from sept 9 till sept 19 and 1 from sept 10 till sept 19. Doesn't need to be local, flying in is an option. Anyone got spare time for this? send me a pm with your details if interested. Walter
  13. Quick question: what do you mean with "our video's were HD? (So converted to Mpeg2)". What do you mean with "HD"? I assume the operator left it HD during the conversion? What was the codec of the source files?
  14. Daniel, quick question : as i experienced lately, in WO6 you don't change format to RGB, just composite or tuner or SDI or whatever. Wasn't working for us either since WO6. My local support tested it without problems. Turned out to be this setting. He thought it had already been discussed on this forum but I would have remembered this. Totally not logical this solution but it's actually works. In WO5 the RGB setting does work. It could well be that with an older datapath firmware it will work as stated by local support but I consider this a Watchout bug. Let me know if this solves it for you. Kind regards.
  15. Fyi : it will without problems. Have those exact same cards for over a year now in two different systems. Works like a charm.
  16. The strange thing is, this information is somewhat already available within Watchout, it just isn't put to use : Try using the Watchout remote on your phone = timeline will give an accurate countdown till the next (pause or play) cue. So just put in a play cue at the point you wish the countdown to end and you're set. Otherwise, I indeed always use a (very small and efficiently) rendered video, which has the drawback you have to set your stage window in best quality. So if that's an issue, the procedure as described above also works like a charm. So happy with soooo many of the improvements in WO6 that I can forgive this (in my view) minor drawback, as this is easily overcome.
  17. Hi Sasami, Good for you. However, this topic wasn't about using alpha in videofiles / your layer structure. It was about outputting alpha channel on your machines output (which isn't possible) Regards Walter
  18. In addition I must note that that resolution only worked on a 6 second bumper. Not for longer movies.
  19. Thanks Mike. Didn't know that. Can you elaborate on the subject? Does 8k mean it supports all resolutions gathered under 8K as found on wiki? Is it limited to the horizontal pixelcount or the combined pixelcount? (Did not find many formats that supported a res above 4000pix width but I have used 8000x1200 res under v5.5.2 last year). Can you define which codecs and encoders support 8K res and its limitation in pixelcount (i.e times 8 as with MPEG2). Thanks in advance for the insight.
  20. Hi Chris, I don't believe Watchout has a limitation with regards to pixelcount. If you can encode it into a file format which is supported by WO, it will work. However, many file formats have their limitation.
  21. Hi Mike, I'm afraid that for this, you're better of using Photoshop. You can't copy text media. It does remember the width setting and you can save a style, but still, photoshop enables more options for style and retain alignment.
  22. Hi Rogier, can't answer your specific questions as I'm curious about the answers myself. Just a question about your encoding : 50mbps seems a lot for the resolution and codec. 25mbps should be enough in my experience, and having a higher bitrate shouldn't present any improvement in quality compared to the lower. Please share you're experience on this subject. Did you experience better quality or improvement in playback that made you choose for such a high bandwidth? Vr groet Walter
  23. Again; in my experience this is not a WO issue. I use ip control of projectors all the time. (Power and shutter mainly). Works flawless each and every time on i.e panasonic 21k, 110, 6710 and Barco hdx, hdf, flm series. And of course encore / screenpro / several matrices. I do have encountered issues with for instance rlm series. Solved it by correcting economy network settings.
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